Clouds obstructing fall sunshine, parting by the weekend

Clouds obstructing fall sunshine, parting by the weekend

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Ready to bring the sun and blue sky back? It’s coming, but we have another day of clouds to work through. We will not have to deal with as much rain (depending on your location) today, but it’s nearby.

Here in the valley, we will call it cloudy and in the 60s. We should be far enough east to avoid much rain today. Shower activity will likely hold to the Oregon Coast, specific to the northwest Oregon Coast and extending south to Lincoln County. You can get a visualization of that rain in the slideshow below, all you have to do is swipe right. By late hours today, we may have some of that moisture spill over into the northern Willamette Valley.

I want to point out a freeze warning for the Central Oregon communities of Madras and Redmond until late morning. There may be some frost out on the ground, which will add to the crisp morning. You’ll need to bundle up if you’re stepping out in the early hours of the day. Temperatures will be above freezing by mid-day, eventually turning to the 60s and potentially lower 70s by afternoon. This is all going to be under a mostly sunny sky, which means the clouds don’t find a way east of the mountains today. Take advantage of that fall sunshine, because we would like some of that over here.

We will eventually move those clouds out of here by the end of the week, but it’s not going to happen until then. With more and more action occurring near the end of September, we will have to see if we fall under the spell of a ridge or two in the coming weeks. We will start to see that weather pattern by the weekend.



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