Shifting from cooler temperatures to warmer days

Shifting from cooler temperatures to warmer days

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — I wouldn’t say we have an upheaval in the works, but we are going to have a pleasant shift from cooler fall-like days to a summer afternoon by the time we wrap up the week.

That makes Wednesday the day of transition.

These are the days that are a bit cool in the morning while the afternoon is a reasonable temperature that is alluring for outdoor activity. Expect temperatures in the valley closer to 50 degrees in the early morning hours. We warm up to the mid to upper 70s by the afternoon.

This will put us a few degrees below average for the day, a forecast high to be proud of. Slightly cooler for folks to the north in the Willamette Valley, with temperatures likely close or a bit warmer to the south.

I mentioned it is going to be a transition day for us, where we start shifting the cool out and the warm in. Check out the temperature trend for the coming days. We have plenty of 80-degree days on the way if it all plays out as expected. This may be the coolest day we have, definitely through the weekend. Temperatures are going to be around average or just a few degrees above.

Will we see another 90-degree day before fall really comes marching through the front door? We have a few days in the upper 80s, but we do not have anything promised in the 90s right now. I believe we may have at least one more shot before we wrap up the summer. Keep an eye out for that last bout of heat.

It is possible this is our warmest weather for the remainder of summer too. If that is the case, you will want to use this summer heat in all the ways that you can (for me, it’s using the summer sun for tie-dying).

It makes sense that we are in a period of transition because of the place that we are with our weather pattern. We are nudging the cooler air to the east, while a ridge and warmer weather is trying to move in from the west. Stuck in the middle, you know how it goes.

As that ridge moves in, the opportunity for cool shade from the clouds is also disappearing. We will have more of a clear sky heading into the final days of the week. Summer sunglasses for your golfing and bike riding today.

Honestly, you will need the sunglasses through the weekend too. If that ridge continues to build and it sets up over the top of us where we can have an east breeze, we may be able to push on one of those upper 80s days. We will have to watch though because we do not want a strong east breeze because of our current wildfires.

Here is another view of that weather pattern, but we will work in the wind barbs. That area of low pressure that kept us cool the last few days is going to be north of Montana in the province of Saskatchewan. With this second view of the projected weather pattern for tomorrow afternoon, we still have the back edge of this trough in the vicinity.

Areas are still going to be cooler east of the Cascades, with temperatures holding in the 70s for those folks too. You can see that small patch of blue over the region of eastern Washington and the Lower Columbia Basin today. Pressure is expected to be lower there, with cooler air. We will call it lower 40s in the morning and mid-70s in the afternoon. You read that correctly, it is going to be a cold morning.

Rain totals continue to be astonishing to the east, as the remnants of Hurricane Ida move north and east. You can see that plenty of states and regions are heavily impacted by the moisture of this once category 4 hurricane. The heaviest of that rain is going to be moving into West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

As far as the moisture goes for us? We are now on the drying trend of this pattern. We shouldn’t have much moisture in the Pacific Northwest today. With high pressure taking over, we have no rain in the forecast. It is still a dry period of the year, this is expected. We will hope for more rain as the month of September arrives, which is today.



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