It's not quite fall, but it's going to feel like it Monday

It's not quite fall, but it's going to feel like it Monday

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Temperatures are going to be nearly 20 degrees cooler this Monday, than where we spent our weekend.

What is the deal with that?

We will discuss that issue below, but I want to get you started with the temperatures around the region this Monday morning. We will begin the day in the mid 50s, which is going to be cooler than our Sunday morning. Still warm for folks over in Hermiston and Pendleton, but the cooler air is going to be arriving later in the day and more so on Tuesday for you.

If you’re waking up out at the Oregon coast, you can anticipate temperatures in the 50s with some morning clouds. The northwest breeze will be coming in off the Pacific Ocean and that northwest breeze will be coming in for the valley too. Those morning temperatures are just slightly cooler than our normal for this time of the year.

We keep the below average temperatures into the afternoon too. Highs in the lower 70s today, as I mentioned above, nearly 20 degrees cooler than Sunday. Highs for the Oregon coast, ranging in the lower 60s, give or take a few degrees in both directions.

Between the clouds and the onshore flow, temperatures won’t warm much. It’s possible that some neighborhoods up in Clark and Cowlitz counties only reach the upper 60s today.

These are late September and early October temperatures!

Let’s not give up on summer quite yet. If you do like that fall weather, today is your day. It would be a lovely day for a bike ride or potentially some yard work. Temperatures still warm east of the Cascades over in the Umatilla and Baker counties region. Temperatures should hit the lower 80s today, with the below average temperatures moving in on Tuesday.

You can spot the drop in the jet stream and that area of low pressure from the weather pattern graphic below. As long as we have that dip, the weather is going to be mainly cool and a bit cloudy. As this trough moves in, it will generate a stronger wind around the eastern Gorge, which we will discuss below.

I will note, that sometimes in this weather pattern, we pick up some rain. This is going to be fairly dry, so I wouldn’t expect much rain coming out of this system the next 48 hours. It will be a slow move out of the region though, with this trough hanging around for that span of time.

The wind will continue to ride in off the Pacific Ocean with this weather pattern, which will aid to the cooler temperatures from Vancouver Island south to Portland. Notice that ridge developing over the Pacific Ocean?

That will creep in our direction closer to the end of the weekend, flip-flopping the temperatures and conditions around here. We are almost experiencing a spring or fall-like rollercoaster to finish the month of August and to start the new month. Temperatures in the upper 80s over the weekend, dropping to the lower 70s, and then back to the 80s in a few days. Talk about some ups and some downs in the span of just a few days.

Weather models do depict some minor moisture in the morning and again in the afternoon hours. If we happen to pick up some light rain, it will most likely be for the northwest Oregon coast and potentially some of the foothills.

Conditions will be dry east of the Cascades, which will lead to some issues with fire danger today. I do believe the future cast is underplaying the amount of clouds that will be developing through the morning. Expect clouds in the forecast through the morning and also working through the forecast in the evening too.

Cycle to the next graphic and you will have a better idea of the clouds and shower opportunity heading into the evening hours around the Portland Metro Area. Again, completely dry and not an issue east of the mountains, but there are some vulnerable spots this evening out near the coast and along the Columbia River.

We have had an extremely dry summer, just opening the door for even the smallest chance of rain is a hope worth believing in. With that said, there shouldn’t be much you will have to worry about in the forecast today around here.

Don’t forget about our weather podcast that comes out every week on Monday, and also our weekend weather podcast that comes out on Thursday. You should be able to find our Monday podcast closer to noon today, which will have updates on Hurricane Ida and our local forecast for the week.



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