3 more stolen, stripped cars found in Delta Park clean-up

3 more stolen, stripped cars found in Delta Park clean-up

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Another three stolen cars were found at Delta Park during a clean-up that has already turned up several other stolen vehicles.

A number of police officers have been assisting with clean-up efforts around Delta Park over the past two weeks. Within the first day, four stolen cars were located in the area.

On Monday, the Portland Police Bureau said another four cars were checked at the site — three of which ended up being stolen.

“These crimes impact the livability of our community, the environment, and the victims’ ability to get where they need to go,” the Portland Police Bureau stated in a tweet.

The cars were being stripped for parts at the site. The vehicles were missing items such as batteries, catalytic converters and more. The PPB said one pick-up truck was unrecognizable after being stripped.

The City of Portland says a notice for the clean-up of Delta Park was posted last Friday and a notice was posted for a clean-up of North Victory Park the day before. Efforts to clean both parks began this week.

Both parks are large sites and will take some time to clear, according to the city. Although the city says significant progress has been made, it is expected to take crews several weeks to completely clean the areas.



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