2 years later, PPB still searching for young mother's killer

2 years later, PPB still searching for young mother's killer

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two years ago, 19-year-old Logan Nettleton, the mother of a 4-year-old child, was shot in the Centennial Neighborhood — and detectives with the Portland Police Bureau are still seeking her killer.

KOIN 6 News spoke with Nettleton’s mother, Mya Chamberlin, who said that her daughter’s son was staying with his grandparents at the time of the shooting and didn’t witness the tragedy. She said her grandson is one of the reasons the family needs answers.

“I am raising a beautiful 6-year-old grandson, and at some point, the answers I am giving him now aren’t going to be enough, and we are just asking for the community’s support in shedding some light on what happened,” said Chamberlin.

In the early morning hours of Aug. 30, 2019, police responded to reports of multiple gunshots at the Foothills Apartments complex on Southeast 174th Avenue.

Portland police found Nettleton, a man and a child inside of an upstairs apartment.

Nettleton died at the scene while the man, later identified as her boyfriend, was taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, officers said. The child was not hurt.

Chamberlin said Nettleton was an “extraordinary” daughter and “A” student, who had just started classes at Portland State University with a major in criminal justice with a focus on race and social justice when she was killed.

“Every morning we wake up and remember what happened and it doesn’t feel real,” she said.

Nettleton was a teen mom, and with that, came some challenges, said Chamberlin. She shared that Nettleton’s son, King, was born premature but said that her daughter loved him fiercely.

“She was a basketball player and a phenomenal young parent to an extraordinary child,” added Chamberlin.

According to a friend of the family, Nettleton was a graduate of Madison High School.

Crime Stoppers has offered a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. If you have a tip for Crime Stoppers, you can remain anonymous.

Police asked anyone with information to contact Detective Rico Beniga at 503.823.0457 or Detective Anthony Merill at 503.823.4033.



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