Summer temps on the final weekend day of August

Summer temps on the final weekend day of August

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – It sure seems like summer has been trying to settle down the last few weeks. We haven’t had a 90-degree day since August 15.

We have also racked up seven days in the 70s since that heat wave in mid-August. Well, this weekend brought a quiet sizzle to the forecast, with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees Saturday. I’m expecting a similar forecast Sunday, but probably a few degrees cooler as the onshore flow picks up a bit more.

The Oregon coast will notice that Sunday morning, with clouds moving in before breaking apart during the day. If you cycle through the Futurecast graphics below, you can pinpoint that deck of clouds that is going to move in from Astoria south to Newport.

The rest of the state is looking mostly clear to start the day, with sunshine in the forecast all day. The 4:30 p.m. Futurecast graphic supports the clouds dissipating off the Oregon coast and the dry conditions holding firm for afternoon. Not much rain in the vicinity, at least not for the next day or two. If we happen to pick up some rain, it will be Tuesday morning, likely very light.

Plans to be outside? If you don’t have any, maybe something last minute would be worth it.

There has been, at moments, a slight haze in the sky. Wildfire smoke near the surface is going to be light in the valley. Between the wind pattern and the location that we reside, we are in a good place to avoid wildfire smoke at this time.

However, there will be some locations in central Oregon and up across the state line in Washington over near Goldendale on Sunday. It has been hazy around The Dalles on and off all summer as wildfire smoke from nearly all directions has moved through that region at one point or another. With a strong onshore flow coming our way, the surface smoke is nearly going to be completely out of our forecast by Sunday evening in the Willamette Valley. Improvements through the Columbia River Gorge around Hood River and The Dalles by the evening hours, too. Most of the wildfire smoke is going to stream to the east and even south as of Sunday night. Deschutes County is still close to many wildfires, taking in more smoke than other locations across the state. Pendleton should expect a bit of a haze during the day as well.

The day planner for our Sunday has a lot of sunshine. Maybe we can bottle it up for the winter gloom? If we are to see any clouds, it will likely be in the morning hours or later at night. Regardless, there won’t be much of it around Portland.

Temperatures into the mid 70s by lunchtime. Talk about a nice picnic forecast or potentially a trip to the food cart pods. Highs on Sunday topping around 85 in Portland, which we should see in the late afternoon and early evening. The wind won’t be as intense as Saturday, but we may still have a sustained wind around 10 mph in the afternoon. We will have another pleasant sunset to take in, too.

Temperatures are going to be cooler on Monday, making this our final 80 degree day of August. High pressure is keeping it splendid out there. It will break down on Monday, eventually pasting more clouds and cooler temperature to that day planner.

You know, Saturday brought some lower 70s to the northern Oregon coast. It was such a fantastic way to wrap up the Hood to Coast event.

Sunday it will be cooler, with highs probably in the lower to mid 60s. The stronger marine push is going to keep the coast cool. The wind is going to be consistently coming out of the northwest around Portland and the north for Salem. Even if that onshore flow picking up, temperatures are going to be warmer than average. The farther south you head in the valley, temperatures start getting closer to 90. Salem south to Eugene should top off in the upper 80s. We may actually have a few 90 degree temperatures, too, for Wasco County communities and over near Umatilla County. Air cools down the whole state by Tuesday.



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