Not a lot of water coming, but still a chance for showers

Not a lot of water coming, but still a chance for showers

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Rain gauges are going to have to stretch and get ready for our rain event today (just kidding).

The deal here, like most rain events this summer, is we’re lacking much moisture. We will take what we can get at this point — and what we can get is maybe a trace to 0.02 inches of measurable rain. Weather models are projecting some spots in the range of 0.05 inches, but that will likely be outside the Willamette Valley.

Before we discuss the timing of the rain and more of the structure of this event, why don’t we get to the morning and afternoon temperatures. Your Portland commute should be in the mid-50s, for those of you who like to take the bike in. A light breeze will be coming out of the south or southwest.

Temperatures will be very similar if not a few degrees warmer for the Oregon Coast. The wind may be a bit stronger for the Oregon Coast and areas of the Lower Columbia River Basin in the morning and afternoon. Those of you out in The Dalles, temperatures also in the 50s to lower 60s to kick the day off.

Hit the arrow and slide over to the afternoon temperature graphic, to get an idea of those 3 to 6 p.m. temperatures across the state. The coolest air will remain at the coast, while the warmest temperatures will be over near Goldendale and across the river to the communities there riding I-84.

Portland should top off in the mid-70s today under broken clouds, at times mostly cloudy. Expect clouds in the morning, with intermittent sun breaks, before more clouds arrive again in the evening with a chance to drop some of that aforementioned rain. I do want to note that the wind is going to be picking up pretty strong over in the Gorge today. The westerly flow is going to be cranking around 10-15 mph with gusts probably in the mid-20s.

We haven’t had much, but the little bouts of rain that we have had this August have brought 0.05 inches to Portland. Hopefully, we have more of these today, with that small chance for structured showers. If you focus on the slideshow of the radar reflectivity, you can see that the morning will bring spotty showers for the Oregon Coast.

I don’t think we will have much luck around Portland, but the front edge of the trough arrives overnight into Thursday morning and that may do the trick. A front follows up and that is when we will actually have a better chance for the showers today. Of course, that will be approaching areas of the coast in the morning before it passes the valley region later in the day.

Summer Rain August 2021

Cycle to the next graphic and you will have an idea of that rain moving through the valley around dinnertime. Very spotty, with the greatest chance for rain north in areas of the Cascade foothills of Clark and Cowlitz counties. Once you hit areas like Marion county, the chance for rain starts to get smaller and smaller around the I-5 corridor.

I guess if you have anything outside that you don’t want to get wet, you may want to just cover it up, but most things should dry up quickly. I guess if you don’t want a wet chair cushion on the deck, you could think about bringing that in.

How about a round of thunderstorms? Not this time around. There are some heavy-hitting storms moving through Montana and portions of Canada today, but not much energy to really work with. That is exactly what we want to avoid, especially as the wind picks up for some of those spots east of the Cascades today and Friday.

The clouds and cool air should hang around for Friday too before we break into the ridge to the west. We aren’t going to fall into the axis of that ridge, but it will show us some love. That will bring the temperatures up to average or above-average both Saturday and Sunday. Great for the Hood to Coast event that starts on Friday and continues into Saturday.

Whatever you have going on this weekend, it should be nice out for it. I also want to add that it still stays slightly cooler east of the Cascades to wrap up the week. Breezy on Friday as well, so you can expect another round of blowing dust and dirt to the east. At this time, the extended forecast continues to call for average to even below average conditions heading into September. Use the summer days wisely!



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