Oregon hits sweet spot of summer Wednesday

Oregon hits sweet spot of summer Wednesday

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Heading into this week, we knew it was going to be a wonderful stretch of summer. We are going to keep the ball rolling today, with another afternoon of near-average temperatures in the lower 80s.

This is the sweet spot of summer, where we start watching the transition of the sunset time and temperatures start turning the other direction (cooler). We are still in the position for warm summer days, but the probability for extreme heat lowers quickly. Temperatures in the 50s when you head out the door today. Not as chilly as the last few mornings, but it’s still below average by a few degrees.

I would expect some clouds around, with some lingering wildfire smoke to toss out a nice sunrise. The morning and afternoon hours should bring in plenty of sunshine and blue sky. We will notice more clouds moving in by the evening hours, because of an incoming trough (Thursday and Friday temperature impact).

The temperature outlook is calling for the lower 80s today, cooler than Wednesday. Check the drop to the 70s to finish off the week. We will be up and down for the next five days as temperatures return to the mid-80s by the weekend.

The aforementioned lingering smoke will be around in the afternoon too. I think it will take a little time to really get that wildfire smoke out of the Willamette Valley today. We aren’t dealing with the worst of it, as there are plenty of communities to the south and east that are really working through some thick smoke. We are still dealing with more of a thin haze that is actually offering some extra color to our morning sunrise and evening sunset.

As that trough comes moving in, the onshore flow will increase and the wildfire smoke will start to be guided to the east. We should clear out most of the wildfire smoke late Wednesday night into Thursday for the greater Portland metro area. The smoke forecast below is for tomorrow early afternoon, where there is still a think layer over central and eastern Oregon.

The wildfire will clear from the west to the east. It won’t fully sweep the state, but it will definitely improve the wildfire smoke conditions Thursday and also Friday.

By Wednesday night, you will notice that we are entering the front edge of this disturbance that is moving in from the northwest. The weather pattern isn’t extremely active this week, but we will stay away from that building ridge to the west for the next 48 hours. As the Pacific Northwest settles into this passing trough, conditions will be slightly cooler and we will bring back the clouds in the morning. We should avoid most of that today, again, until later in the evening.

If you’re doing any local traveling, you will find similar conditions to the north, but warmer and smoky conditions to the south. I would say that areas around the Willamette Valley are probably in the best spot today. It may be a day to stay local around wine country or maybe spend your afternoon on a hike in the western Gorge.

Weather models are trying to bring some moisture in tonight and more so Thursday morning. I don’t think it will be much for the valley, especially tonight. The northwest Oregon coast may start picking up some light rain by tonight. It would be areas of Astoria down south to Manzanita. If we were to extend the weather model out to Thursday morning, we would see some of that gray shade over the valley.

We could use some more rain, so let’s hope it is enough to get the ground wet again. That surely will help with the wildfire conditions in the Cascades if the relative humidity increases in the next few days. Expect some breezy moments east of the Cascades today as this cooler air moves in from the west.



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