We start the climb back to triple-digits this week

We start the climb back to triple-digits this week

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Well it looks like we are having another surge of heat this summer. We are looking at another heat wave later in the week, but we still start our Monday almost a bit cool. Temperatures likely in the 50s before 8 a.m., eventually warming up by the afternoon. Hopefully you’re allowing your place to cool down this morning, because you’ll need to get the temperature as cool as possible for the upcoming week. If you’re thinking about that morning run, just know there will be a slight chill to the air. It may just feel perfect outside for most of you. Temperatures hitting around 70 degrees by lunchtime, eventually topping off around the mid 80s by afternoon. Notice in the day planner, that the morning may have a few clouds out there. Nothing but sunshine coming through by the time we enter the afternoon, with a nice northwest breeze around 10 mph. It will feel noticeably warmer than the temperature on Sunday, but still rather pleasant.

The weekend really helped bring down the overall temperature across the state. It allowed for cooler air to even find a place in central and eastern Oregon on Sunday. That brief trough of cool air is out of here, but it did the job of helping areas like The Dalles and Pendleton to have a moment of respite. Monday should bring temperatures near 90 for areas of the eastern Gorge and potentially out to Pendleton. That pocket of the Lower Columbia Basin is just running warmer than the rest of the state. Notice most locations seeing nothing bust sunshine today. Portions of the Oregon coast may be closer to the lower 70s, but most in the 60s. Passing clouds, but plenty of sunshine too. The extreme heat isn’t here yet, but this will be the first step to eventually the uncomfortable weather.

The weather pattern graphic shows our weekend weather well to the east by today. That drop over Montana and North Dakota was the system that helped cool us down. Bon voyage to that area of low pressure that is actually going to cause a few thunderstorms for those north of the Great Lakes in the coming day. We are watching the large ridge of high pressure that is developing over the Pacific Ocean at this time. This is going to shift east, and it will dig into the Pacific Northwest (PNW), allowing for conditions to start warming up later in the week. This will also prevent us from seeing much moisture around here. Once that large bubble finds a place here, it will also extended well to the north into Canada. That means just about everyone out here on the west coast will be draped with heat.

I’m sure the idea of wildfire smoke mixed into this heat is in the back of your mind. Well I can tell you, that we will avoid most of the wildfire smoke today. There will be some pockets that are having nearby wildfire smoke transporting through, but overall, most should steer clear. High-level smoke will be more dense to the south near Medford and the state line. We will have to monitor the smoke through the week, because if we have a surge that finds a way to the north in the valley, it is possible that the wildfire smoke keeps our temperatures slightly cooler. For now, you will have mostly smoke free sky around the northern Willamette Valley.



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