Thursday afternoon will be among warmest days of summer

Thursday afternoon will be among warmest days of summer

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Are you ready for some heat!? I hope by now you are prepared, because Thursday will be one of the warmest days we’ve seen this summer.

Of course, nothing will top what we experienced at the end of June, but Thursday and Friday may end up in the top 5 warmest days this summer. Expect temperatures in the mid 60s as we start the morning, warmer for you folks from The Dalles to Pendleton, temperatures in the upper 60s to 70 degrees by your commute.

The temperatures will be coolest out near the Oregon coast, which is to be expected this time of the year. A light wind for most neighborhoods, until we get to the afternoon, then we may get some breezy conditions moving through the eastern Gorge and some areas coming off the Cascades in central Oregon. Like most sizzling summer days, you’ll want to approach the day before it becomes too dangerous in the afternoon. Get your hard work finished early, and even then, you’ll want to take the unceasing sunshine serious even before noon.

Thursday afternoon is going to be pretty close to triple-digits for the Willamette Valley. It will be cooler to the north in areas of the Cowlitz Valley, temperatures in the lower to mid 90s. Will we hit 100 today? I think most communities stay below the triple-digit mark.

The Lower Columbia Basin will take home the award for warmest section of the state on Thursday. For those of you in Arlington or Hermiston, you’re in the center of the bubble of heat. Temperatures for you breaking 100 and potentially hitting the 105 to 107 mark. Tillamook will be pushing the mid to upper 70s by the afternoon, with highs slightly cooler to the north. I wouldn’t count on much shade from clouds. You’ll have to find your shade under a canopy of trees or you’ll have to head indoors for some time.

We’ve been walking through the weather pattern each day this week, and you can definitely see the ridge forming Thursday, which is more obvious than earlier in the week. High pressure encourages sinking air which will be dry and warm at the surface.

We aren’t experiencing an east wind this time around, so we are mostly tapping into just good old fashion warm air. Although we won’t have much cloud coverage on Thursday, there may be a thin layer of smoke that moves north, leading to a hazy view in the distance. Air quality wasn’t an issue up until now for the valley, so we will monitor conditions on Thursday afternoon. The surface shouldn’t have too many concerns. Either way, it’s going to be a good day to be indoors with cooler air.

From time to time, I like to show this temperature cross section for the Portland International Airport.

Thursday is one of the days because it paints a picture of the heat that is bottled up near the surface the next two to three days. A cross section is pretty much taking a slice of the atmosphere, like looking at the layers of a birthday cake when it is sliced. The bottom layer, which is near the surface, has a dome of heat building, especially on Friday afternoon.

We can expect Friday afternoon and evening to be the warmest of moments in the coming days. You can see the core of red that expands at least 2,000 feet into the air. When we have heat like that around, we won’t be mixing in any cooler air. We are going to see warm temperatures all the way up to Government Camp the next few days. If you like a warm day up at Trillium Lake, now would be your day. The heat will not be as pressing on Saturday, but it will be pretty close to what we had experienced on Wednesday, with temperatures in the lower to mid 90s.



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